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In the post NAR Settlement era, podcasters and CEOs are saying, “Be a listing agent, be a listing agent, be a listing agent.” But where are agents supposed to go to get 2-3 listings per month?

Agents must go to rivers flowing with leads that provide the opportunity to interact with the homeowner or investor. The best river to fish from is from a guaranteed lead source such as a “3rd Party Relocation Firm” representing large corporations. It is like fishing from a pond and you can see the large salmon. They are buyers on 3 day buy trips with a sense of urgency. But those avenues are not available to the majority of agents.

The For Sale By Owner. The Expired listing. The Open House. These lead systems are called “The Big 3” in which almost every broker suggests their agents compete in. Why? Because the lead is presently “in the market or just departed the market” and it is verifiable. If you could see 10-15 people per month and generate two listings, would you fish from that river?

A dead river is a term used to describe a river that has ceased to perform its ecological functions and has become incapable of sustaining any form of life. Agents often fish from dead rivers. A lot of money and time is invested in low yielding rivers. The goal is to fish from sources with a high probability outcome.

We did not invent the prospecting idea, we invented the process to convert the lead. When a person is catching all of the fish, everyone wants to know what is being used to attract and catch the fish. In other words, “What is the shortest answer for me to duplicate what the other guy is doing?” In sales, the agent just wants a quick answer on how to convert leads. Many agents want to skip the learning process, earn a million, and not pay a penny for the training that equips them to succeed.

At Prospect USA, we do one thing, we are Performance Coaches that work equally with you on your mindset and your skillset to perform in the competitive arena. We help agents to stop losing. Most agents unknowingly eliminate themselves by what they say, what they present, how they misread the client’s readiness to make a decision, and the inability to build trust. You become the winner that you believe is possible.

We connect your goals to the future you have dreamed of.



COACH HOTLINEExclusive access to your coach!

    Have you ever needed help getting a client across the finish line?

    • Do you have a follow up appointment that you need to get prepped for?
    • Do you have a million dollar FSBO you are seeing and want to make an impression?
    • Do you need to brainstorm about getting a stubborn expired listing across the finish line?


    LEAD SCOREDon't waste your time with unmotivated leads

      Not all leads measure up the same. Stop wasting time with “sellers who won’t sell.”

      • Are you asking the right questions to weed out time wasters?
      • Stop going to appointments that won’t pan out.
      • Simply score your lead for the best chance to get a listing.


      BravegoalsKeep your head in the game

        Have you ever needed help getting a FSBO across the finish line?

        • Do you have a follow up appointment that you need to get prepped for?
        • Do you have a million dollar FSBO you are seeing and want to make an impression?
        • Do you need to brainstorm about getting a stubborn FSBO across the finish line?

        Sales Through Trust Approach

        The team at the Prospecting River create the approach for the first contact with the seller. Nothing happens unless the first contact passes the “trust test.” Each interaction must address the reluctance, the anxiety, the doubt of the seller. Here are the methods we have for agents to get the appointment.

        We have you covered if you:

        • Want to call the FSBO for an instant appointment
        • We have several call approaches to try consecutive days
        • Texting if that is your preferred method
        • Mailing our custom marketing material
        • How to do a pop by appointment

        The NAR Settlement has affected everyone. Loan Officers want to see you succeed. We have a program for Loan Officers too participate. They need to see you succeed. Our processes include getting your favorite LO to help you build your listing inventory. Remember, listings attract buyers. And LOs want buyers. If you have an ISA (inside sales associate) we have a system for them to participate to book you appointments.

          Visually Persuasive Materials

          People process their decisions in part by what they hear, however supporting visuals often shorten the sales cycle so you obtain the listing faster. Materials help the seller see and understand your proposal so that you have a platform to build trust.

          Asking is the way to yes. Asking in the right order will create a faster sale. This program will equip you with what to say and ask in the first 60 seconds so that you lead the conversation.

          There are several important things to cover in your visit with the FSBO.
          * Their destination
          * Their motivation
          * Their asking price
          * Their receptivity to greater exposure in the MLS
          * Their understanding of the new NAR Settlement and procedures


          Ideally, the seller has asked you, “What do you think of our price?”
          That question will often lead to a full listing and pricing interview. In this process thus far we equip you with the first contact, the walkthrough, and the interview. Your confidence will go up with each listing victory you get.

          One of the most important things we will equip you with is how to have the discussion with the seller regarding “raising the commission or lowering the price” in order to attract more buyers or more buyer agents.

          You are not alone.

          LIFE’S STORMS

          It felt as if I was driving further and further into the hurricane when I should be driving away. Little did I know there was a 2nd one.

          Cancer takes lives. Depression is when you give it. The second storm was far worse than the first. How do we prepare for a catastrophe that is happening in slow motion? We do not know what to expect or how to act?

          We Were All Born Brave


          Dr. Neusenbaum, an amazing man, and he would soon be my surgeon, rolled his chair up to mine, put his hand under my elbow, and said, “Bryan, it is cancer. But we have a plan.”

          We sat waiting our turn to set an appointment with the Oncologist. Then I turned to Patti and asked, “Did he just say stage 4 cancer?” We were at BJC Siteman Cancer Center in St. Louis Missouri to find out if the lumps under my right chin were of no concern, or something more serious.

          I sat there somewhat bewildered. When a person gets this type of news, all at once we have awakened to the truth of our own mmortality. This is the future, but was not supposed to be. Everything is up for grabs. Everything we hold dear crumbles to dust.

          We freeze. We turned to stone. What then do we see? What is it we see when we cannot understand what is happening to us?

          Getting Started


          For those attempting the $3,000,000 volume in sales.


          4 15-minute sessions to review your portfolio and
          assist getting some of the FSBOs over the line
          For the agent seeking $10,000,000 in sales volume
          6-month minimum agreement


          * Team building 
          * Team lead generations strategies for all members
          * Build an investor pipeline
          * Master FSBO and Expireds 
          6 month minimum / 4 sessions 1 hour per
          For those seeking $25,000,000 per year.
          Coaches Bryan Kelsey 
          Coach Dr. Joe Mancini