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30 Years of Experience. Lives Transformed.

Our speciality is serving and coaching those in the real estate industry. The agent, investor, and loan officer. While each have different challenges, all have a common thread to increase their productivity, build their net worth, and uniquely outserve all competitors in their marketplace.

Can a salesperson really count on their SOI? With so many agents “coming and going” from the business, and so many loan officers closing less than one million per month in purchase loans, clearly all parties need other reliable, effective, ongoing lead sources.

What we need is multiple “referral partners.” And we need presentations that intrigue those sources to introduce you. To the CPA, you must appear as a specialist. The same is true of the investor, the relocation company, the builder, the financial planner, the divorce attorney, the estate liquidator and so many other referral sources. Demographic marketing is different than geographic. It is more onpoint. It has greater potential as there is often a single-source that can influence a lead pipeline.

Your marketing, your branding, your presentation when customized with specific messaging, will equip you to dominate that market and receive years of referrals. We build wealth when we build value. Do you have a pipeline idea?

To create wealth, and freedom, the team is the surest pathway. It is rare to find an agent or loan officer that was self-made. Each of us can only do so much personal production. Our time is finite. When you have a team, a tremendous amount of opportunity opens up. For more insight on this concept, click learn more below.

Are you new to the business or perhaps stuck at a production level? In order to breakthrough, it is often necessary to “break from” the low producing activities. As your consultant / coach, I will equip you to get on the right path, things that have high payoff.

Everyone Has A Story

What will they say about you?

I was introduced to Bryan very early in my real estate career and he completely changed the direction that I was on. Bryan was not the typical coach. Bryan’s teachings allow me to be very successful. Last year we closed 256 homes for a volume of $71,000,000. I highly recommend you hire him as your coach!

Chad Wilson
The Chad Wilson Group

To reach my next level I needed to make some improvements in key areas. I have used Bryan’s concepts for years to effectively support the needs of our team. Hire Bryan!

Tom Basler

KW Krause Basler Network

I hired Bryan to help me as an agent to grow my personal business. Now I lead a team in Florida of 230 agents with a production of $407,000,000. Bryan taught me the value of face to face meetings, systems, and conversion stratetigies. All great things I attribute to him. Get Coach Bryan.

Team Leader
Melbourne Florida

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I have consulted and coached agents across the USA in the
development of materials and messaging for team building and pipelines.

I only work with a maximum of 15 individuals at one time,
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Real Estate Coach

  • $40,000,000 highest production level ($1.3m)
  • Has achieved top Re/Max and Coldwell agent in Missouri
  • Was a Prudential Sales Manager
  • Coach for Agent, Loan Officers, Insurance agents
  • Co-Authoring Sales Therapy – Overcoming Your
  • Fears and Client Reluctance
  • Father to a son
  • Survivor of cancer
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