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Can everyone make it real estate? That question was answered in a way by Sir Ernest Shackelton in 1916. Everyone can make it if everyone has a role that they can excel at. Shackelton led an expedition to be the first team of people to cross the Antarctic. What makes this an amazing story is that the ship got stuck in the ice just miles from the beginning of their land journey. Then it got crushed by the ice and finally it sank to the bottom of the Weddell Sea. Why did they all make it back alive on a harrowing journey back to civilization? Each person was given a job. Each person was given a responsibility that benefited all members. 

This was also true of John Nash who won the Nobel Peace Prize for Economics. At the core of Nash’s discovery was an economic theory about how decisions are made and in the process “how everyone wins.” Essentially, if you do what is in your best interest, and I do what is in my best interest (which is true of most humans) and we all act in what is in the best interest of the group, productivity rises. There is income for all.

Stephen Covey in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People put it this way, “Win-win or no deal.”

Our philosophy in the Fox Financial Team has followed the prescription of these leaders. Shackelton, Nash and Covey and many others set the vision for teams. We are simply following their Playbook as it applies to real estate. Those visionary leaders that have changed the world is what we saw in EXP. It was clearly the wisest decision for our leadership team to align with theirs.

Win-win or no deal. A place for everyone.


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Navigator Playbook Founder

Bryan Kelsey

Born in Woodstock Illinois and lived in Chicago suburb Fox River Grove. Moved to St. Louis in 1980 through 2021. Now in sunny Cape Coral, Florida.

I started my sales career going door to door in the early 1980’s. I moved into computer programming in order to have a “safe career” however due to corporate downsizing I was given a POTSEE. “A permanent opportunity to seek employment elsewhere.”

At the time losing a job seemed like the worst thing that could happen however it was a blessing as I entered the real estate world and that is when life’s opportunities opened up.

The joy of my life is my son and his family. I have an amazing son Benjamin and his wife Hannah and am grandfather to Ben, Judah, and Esther.

  • Cancer survivor since 2011
  • Founder of Excelsior Relocation
  • Founder of Fox Financial Realty
  • Acquired Relocation Management
  • Acquired Relocation Services
  • Historically had been in the top five Realtors in the state of Missouri
  • Was the top Re/Max and Coldwell Banker agent in Mo during my career
  • Was a manager for Prudential (now Berkshire Hathaway)
  • Has coached agents ranging from 10 million to 100 million in production
  • Successfully coached Realtors, London based financial planners, and loan officers
  • Was an adjunct professor at University of Missouri through The Center for Financial Education
  • The creator of the Navigator Playbook for team building
  • Overseeing a national expansion sales team
  • Property investment strategist in the Midwest and Florida

Upcoming Book

It is my belief that if our courage followed by commitment and consistency is just 1% greater than our fears, our self-doubts, and our self-limitations that 1% will be the tipping point in our lives. We do not need a “complete makeover”. Giving up, giving in is so easy to do. We all have two internal voices with the negative often having greatest control as it speaks to our strongest emotions. Yet, can it be the opposite?

Donna’s Story – I Drink All Day

I have a drinking problem. But it is not what you think. You may laugh when you hear it. I have to hide it from my family because they are tired of it. Each morning before work I stop by the liquor store. I get back in my car, twist open the bottle and begin to chug. I cannot help myself. I am so satisfied when I take the last sips. It is not alcohol but soda. Each day I drink at least a liter of Dr. Pepper. It may sound ridiculous to some. That is one of the LIES I believe, that “I have to drink.”

If I tell others about my problem they will judge me. That is my 2nd LIE. However, my mother says that I should stop. I know that I should but I can’t stop and never will. That is my third BUG.

So at lunch break today at the office, I will sit in my car and drink two more cans of soda. I drink before I go into church so I can cope. A friend of mine that drinks alcohol each night told me to get it under control. I regret telling her. I have so many BUGs.


Could you share in 500 words or less your story about BUGs? The Beliefs Undermining Goals in your life. The 7 or so lies you believe. No names will be published without your permission.

If you feel so compelled, enter your story here. Imagine your story will be read by others that may be severely suffering. Others that need to be inspired. Or those that need to know that “I too believe that lie.” Please keep your story PG-13 because kids have BUGs. Kids need stories that prepare them for life. Mental health could be considered a “pandemic.”

In the sales field, I know a few million that have BUGs. Sales reps quit too often and too fast. Families and companies will be more productive when we address the BUGs in our lives. Sales has been my career. That is my work mission. Cancer and depression took over my life. That is my life mission.


What are the 7 lies you believe? Has it affected others in your life? How have the BUGs affected your life? Please keep your story to approximately 500 words or so. And keep it PG-13. Your story may be published in the book as “anonymous” or with your approval, your name will be included.

Leadership and a New Reality

I have quit smoking 100 times. I can never lose this weight. I will never earn a high income. My parents didn’t love me. My daughter will never speak with me again. I am not good enough. Nobody really likes me. This pain will never stop. I need a soda, now! I have to shoot up now! I must go online and look where I shouldn’t. That won’t work, why should I try. Lies. All lies. Lies that control our brains. These and 100’s others control and destroy.


We all have something to H.I.D.E.


I have been a cancer survivor. Stage 4 Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Followed by a devastating battle with depression. Suicide seemed the only option. Then the divorce. And then financial devastation.
My career has been in the real estate industry. I interview people for their insights and experiences of Realtors, Insurance Reps, Loan Officers, and other professionals in the industry. I am also looking for more opportunities to speak with Social Workers, Pastors and professionals that counsel people. People in pain that have persevered.
Your story matters. Your insight is compelling.


We all believe lies. Many started out when we were kids. Our own kids and grandkids are just cultivating their life lies. This affects relationships, our health, and makes short careers of salespeople.
My work is dedicated to that field as it has always been part of my comeback. After losing my job in the 1980’s real estate was my comeback. After cancer and depression, real estate was my comeback. After divorce.