There are both full and part time Social Connektors. While they do not sell real estate, they cast the vision for the others to consider this as a career. They are special people in that they are often the one a friend calls on in times of trouble. They are sometimes “match makers” putting relationships together, both in developing personal and business relationships. At events, they meet people and introduce people. They are often called “Vision Castors.”

Social Connektors

Why You May Qualify

If you thrive in casting the vision for others, have no desire to be involved in day to day real estate transactions. You can earn passive income for years to come.

Are you expressive and enjoy sharing ideas with others, you are often called a “social butterfly” are thoughtful and a natural nurturer?

You may not be comfortable with confrontation or “crucial conversation” but have a knack for having conversation at events and even may be comfortable with public speaking.