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Are you a Realtor?

Are you thinking about a career in Real Estate?

In order to earn $100,000 per month I developed a mindset. Through great pains pushing forward. It was a battle. Now, I equip others to achieve their goal. I hope this message inspires your life.

The Morning Mindset

As this day begins, I run with clear purpose. I am not my old self. My old habits have been cast off. The old ways did not serve me. They did not bring me growth. My old habits no longer take root. No longer rob me of my future. For they were but thieves.
For have not I a cause? Has each of us, not a cause?

Have I not a purpose greater than what I have accomplished? My new habits, practiced everyday without fail, have developed my character. That is what we are known for in the marketplace, in our community and in our homes. My new habits have brought me clarity.

They have benefited me greatly. Beyond my imagination. While failure may occur I will persist. Failure is but a lesson. I have endured many lessons. Yet I will persist. Tragedy knocked upon my door. Yet cancer, life’s relationships, financial burdens attempted to knock me out of the race, I will carry forward for I have a cause. I have a reason. I run today for those that cannot. Or have not the will to run. Sadness, regret, pain of trying they sit on the sidelines of life. Hopeless from what they have gone through.

Today I will take action. The task delayed, the idea deferred now takes life. Say that of today, I will accomplish the most important tasks and leave them not for tomorrow. I negotiate not with myself that the day is done until I make another effort. If that does not succeed I will make one more. Help one mvore person. For have not I a cause?

My competitor has chosen to relax. I pass him as if standing still. I choose to persist. Today’s idleness will rob another and permit my success. My action will prevent poverty, mediocrity, yet provides abundance beyond measure for myself and those I serve. It will give hope to the weary one.

Another has entered the race looking to match my determination. I will improve my mindset. For it is a truth that victory is first achieved in our mind. I think not of any other outcome. This thought process shapes my mind and creates the desired outcome I seek. I let not one day pass without improvement of my mind. For have not I a cause?

“Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.” -Les Brown

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