Buyers Buy Direct Program

Financial Strategies in the New Real Estate Market

De-coupling the broker fees has created major changes! It could result in lower fees for you!

Listing agents will no longer be able to advertise on MLS what they will share with a Buyer Agent.
Sellers may choose to pay zero to a Buyer Agent.
Sellers may choose to pay 2-3%.
Everything has changed!

Buyers may have to pay for what
used to be ‘free!’

Agents MUST have a signed agreement before entering a property with a buyer.

The buyer MUST come to an agreement with the agent on what the agent will be compensated.

    Will buyers now prefer to buy direct or will they want to pay an agent?

    “Buyers Buy Direct” is the solution in this new market!

    ZILLOW PLUS HAS MLS EXPOSUREZillow "has hidden" the By Owner properties!

    OPEN HOUSESPotential to attract many more buyers.

    MLS 100Zillow is just one IDX portal. MLS has hundreds more.

    LOAN OFFICERSHave a portfolio of pre-approved buyers not wanting to pay Buyer Agent fees.

    I can show you a financial plan to navigate “the new world of real estate.”

    Ask me for your Property Velocity Report! A 10-minute review could save you $10,000 – $20,000 on your sale.

    – Review facts about the velocity of your market which in part could determine lower fees.

    – Review your property value based on its features and market conditions.

    – Review my marketing strategy to affordably get your property sold and closed.

    Jon Adamus

    (407) 620-6608