The Mars Loyalty Project : Win Win or No Deal

The idea behind “think win-win” i.e. habit 4 is to have the courage to seek mutual benefit from all human interactions instead of having winners on the one side and losers on the other.

In 1994 Nobel Prize winner for economics John Nash designed a logistics solution that applies to Loan Officers, Title Companies, Inspectors, Insurance Agents and anyone else obtaining leads from a single source. That “single source” is the real estate agent.

In the movie A Beautiful Mind, an idea is discovered that illustrates how competing parties setting aside wasteful competition, can lead to economic boom for all parties and there be no losers. This concept is further explained by Stephen Covey in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People summarized as, “win win or no deal.” That is the essence of the Mars Loyalty project. Everyone wins.

This project pulls together the efforts of several parties with an outcome 5 TIMES GREATER than if a person did it on their own.


Who is involved in the MARS LOYALTY PROJECT?
First of all, the MLP accomplishes what every vendor to Realtors is wanting. Loyalty. Quality leads. No shared marketing fees.  Are you any of these vendors to a Realtor?
  • Loan officer
  • Title company
  • Home insurance salesperson
  • Home protection plan salesperson
  • Virtual assistant 
  • Several additional vendors want Realtor referrals too
If this program is a fit for you and for the Mega-Agent as the referral source, you will receive a pipeline of referrals. Better yet, you will not be competing against others in your field. Nor is there any fee to be in MLP.
How is the program exclusive?
If you are familiar with BNI, Business Network International, you know that there is one vendor in one industry meeting each week to refer each other quality leads. In other words there is a bit of exclusivity in BNI when referring each other leads. For example, the painter may give the loan officer the name of a real estate agent. However, that agent may be receptive to the meeting the loan officer and keeping their current LO relationship. Why would an agent take a meeting with an LO when they already have one? It is because the agent is often looking for another LO to contribute “marketing dollars” without committing to loyalty. Basically, you pay for part of an agent’s marketing costs but there can be no assurance you get leads.
If you are in the MARS network, you get the leads. It is not shopped around. Your name and only your name is given to the client at the time the client is in need of your services.
What do Vendors, Realty Brokers and Mega-Agents have in common?

Everyone wants more relationships with more agents. Have you met a broker that wanted less agents? Most brokers are in “constant recruiting mode.” Most vendors are also constantly desiring and often looking for loyal, productive, referral agents to replace those that drift to another vendor, leave the business, or if you will, “agents that are a challenge to work with.” Most vendors to agents are in the constant mode to find more agents.

If you have ever had the opportunity to interview Mega-Agents, ask them if they would like to have more agents on their team. In 2022, there are now what are called “Team Trade Shows” where lower producing agents gather at networking events to interview “Team Leaders.” Mega-Agents are now competing, much like brokers, much like vendors for other agents to join them. There will be less and less SOLO agents and teams will grow larger and larger.

So a question for you the vendor would be, “would you rather pursue 5-10 agents to build loyal relationships, or have one Mega-Agent loyal to you be your next mega referral source?”

What is required to create referrals flowing to you the vendor?
Traditionally a vendor such as a loan officer that wanted to build a new loyal relationship with an agent would often have to do it with a series of meetings getting to know the Realtor and at some point the agent may say, “I as the agent will be loyal to you and refer you provided you pay for half of my Zillow leads or some other marketing program.” 
MLP does not want your money. We want to utilize your leadership skills and your desire to provide agents what they want and need in order to be more productive. 
Our events attract agents to Personal Development Programs that equip them to win more listings and secure buyer contracts. We equip agents to be more effective in their day to day operations, lead generation and mindset. That is the essence of the Fox Financial Team. Healthy productive agents referring you quality leads means you will not be in constant “chase mode” to find more agents. 
What is at the heart of this exclusive network?

Our objective on the Fox team is education. Inspiration. And equipping. We are the instructors and in some cases you are as well. You are not a bystander, you are a participant as a Mars Member in many events so that you are a true team member helping agents grow. You are a promotion partner as well to cast the vision for agents to attend our Zoom podcasts, or live events.

What is the Quintuplet effect?
Let’s imagine you are selected into the network as an insurance agent. You as a promotional partner in the event get 5 agents to attend. However, the “Quintuplet Effect” occurs when the title insurance company also succeeds in getting 5 agents to attend. And the loan officer gets 5 agents. The virtual assistant does as well. And the home protection salesperson. Each vendor in the Mars Loyalty Project now has 25 potential referral sources.  
These events often held twice per month could net you hundreds of agents. 
The magic of the Navigator Program?
If you have not already done so, click on the Navigator button and see how all of this comes together. You do not need to have a relationship with multiple agents, but often just one. An Navigator agent that is the leader of the program. The agent that makes the decision that you are the recommended source to serve our clients. 
It would not be a wise use of your time to have 25 agent relationships. It would be very wise and strategic to have ONE relationship with an agent that has 25 other agents on their team. 

Real estate has gone through many revolutions over the decades yet individual agent production remains but a handful of closings per year. The Navigator Program is from the playbook of agents that close $100,000,000 per year. 


Your role, if selected and if it fits within your goals, is to 


  • Be a promotional partner of our mindset, inspirational, educational and leadership programs.
  • Be a participant in some of our events to equip agents. 
  • Be actively growing your infrastructure so that our referrals are the recipient of your effective systems.
What is your mindset right now? Are you saying “this won’t work?” Or are you saying “I believe in its possibilities?” Most obstacles in life are self-imposed. We all have two voices in our head. One voice lies to us. This is true of many of the agents that you would like to receive referrals from. Our objective is to address the minds of agents to help them visualize the possibility in their lives. 
What occurs after the training events?

The agents are offered a “career counseling session.” During that session they are asked questions

  • What is getting in your way of the life that you want?
  • What objectives are you aiming for?
  •  In what area do you perhaps need to grow to accomplish those goals?

There are often 15 or so key questions about awareness and raising their productivity covered in these sessions. Many of the one on one sessions end with the agent having a better direction in their lives and some are invited to consider an opportunity with Fox Financial Team to learn what it takes to be a NAVIGATOR or a CONNEKTOR.

We seek “win win, or no deal.” As our team grows, so do referrals to you.

How do I join the Mars Loyalty Project?

If you are selected, you can have the confidence that the other Mars Members are of the same high quality leaders wanting to grow their business.

We are not necessarily looking for “years of experience.” We are seeking vendors that truly want to see the Mega-Agent succeed as a Navigator in their leadership position. Zig Ziglar, the motivational speaker said it well, “If I help enough other people succeed with their goals, I will succeed with mine.” Stephen Covey of The Seven Habits of Effective People wrote that when we seek “Win-Win or no deal”, we create a trusting culture.

For an interview to be considered for an exclusive vendor relationship with our Mega-Agent Navigators overseeing the referrals, contact founder of the program.

Cities we are seeking for these limited positions are St. Louis Mo, Central Illinois, Southwest Florida, and soon parts of Georgia. In some locations some of these Mars Member positions are taken. Please inquire.