The Mars Project : Win Win or No Deal

The idea behind “think win-win” i.e. habit 4 is to have the courage to seek mutual benefit from all human interactions instead of having winners on the one side and losers on the other.

In 1994 Nobel Prize winner for economics John Nash designed a logistics solution that applies to Loan Officers, Title Companies, Inspectors, Insurance Agents and anyone else obtaining leads from a single source. That “single source” is the real estate agent.

In the movie A Beautiful Mind, an idea is discovered that illustrates how competing parties setting aside wasteful competition, can lead to economic boom for all parties and there be no losers. This concept is further explained by Stephen Covey in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People summarized as, “win win or no deal.” That is the essence of the Mars project. Everyone wins.

This project pulls together the efforts of several parties with an outcome 5 TIMES GREATER than if a person did it on their own.