The Navigator Playbook

The right people in the right position


While everyone has an opportunity in real estate, not everyone enjoys every aspect of the process of building a business, has the same level of commitment, nor can master lead generation, lead conversion, nor manage the details of the 10-Transaction Cycles.

The “reality of real estate” is that if you want to make a business of this, not a hobby, there will be certain skill sets you will be required to possess and enhance through your realty career. There is a reason the exit rate is over 83% of salespeople, this business is not what people thought it would be.


You have options. If you are a Driver Personality, a Social Butterfly, want to do real estate just as a hobby, enjoy being a Support person, we want to encourage you to explore those options within Fox Financial. You need not be part of the 83% that leaves the business but rather enjoy the fruits of your labor in areas that you enjoy and possess natural strengths.


Bryan Kelsey
Founder of The Navigator Playbook for Realtors

Micro Navigator – Entry Level

The Micro Navigator is an entry level leadership program for seasoned agents or brand new agents with leadership qualities. There are many individuals that have come into this industry and started out as SOLO yet were qualified to lead and inspire others. Believe in the possibilities, not limitations.

Macro Navigator – Mid Level

The Macro Navigator is ready for a challenge. This person may have already lead a small team and is ready to expand their production and achieve a substantial income boost have more options in their life.

Community Navigator – Executive Level

The Community Navigator has oftentimes had some higher level of success in their business life and is ready to perform at the highest level. This program is for C-Suite individuals that make up the top 1-5% of Realtors and are part of shaping the future of real estate. Leadership. Delegation. Innovation.