Micro Navigator – Entry Level

This is a “First Level Team Leadership opportunity.” Have you thought about leading a team yet have not moved on that desire? Have thoughts of “that won’t work” or perhaps “no one would join me” or even “I don’t have leads to give anyone.” Are those your dominant thoughts? All of these are simply mindsets, false truths.

Why You May Qualify

Do you have any life leadership experiences whether it be leading small groups, home study groups or social interaction? Are you a natural leader and looking for the opportunities to truly thrive and help others thrive?

Often when you become a real estate agent, or you have been an agent for years, and find yourself “Solo” the answer to your question about how to build a business may be right in front of you and that is to lead.

When traditional strategies of prospecting, networking, and marketing on your own are not generating your income and business potential then The Navigator Playbook may be the right fit for you.