One Buyer

In some areas of the USA the issue for most buyers is there is a shortage of housing inventory. Secondly if the buyer does submit an offer they often have to waive most contingencies.

Now mid-year in 2022 in some areas we are seeing a shortage of buyers and an oversupply of sellers. Days On The Market are climbing. Fewer properties are selling over the asking price. And Expired Listings are on the rise. What is the issue? Is it a bubble or is it a normal market?

Would you like to have ONE BUYER that will purchase from you at least once a month and is not impacted by the market?

The Solution

For a moment I would like you to imagine having one great buyer. A buyer that purchases from you each month. A buyer that often has no inspections and requires no financing. A buyer that wants to buy from you again and again.

We have a program called “Finders Keepers.” For those in our program, we will equip you to find property that fits our model. We have very high probability methods to find property. We also need just a bit of information about the present property owner’s reason for selling. That’s it! You bring us this information and we often do our best to move forward that very day. Thus you are paid in a very short period of time.


We buy single family property. property and in some circumstances we purchase condominiums.

We will purchase a large package of properties too.

We have interest in purchasing large tracts of ground so that we can build new condominiums, a large subdivision, or possibly a town center.

We have a range for some typical property between $2500 and up to $10,000 for certain types of properties. For the larger packages or ground acquisition we would entertain the conversation.

We pay handsomely and close very quickly in part to incentivize you to bring us another property.

Would you like insights on how to do this? Would you like an exclusive territory? There is no fee for this program. We will equip you, we just ask that we see a certain level of commitment and that we acquire property from you.

If yes, just reach out to me and we will do our very best to equip you. What you do is very important. We want to make sure you have effective strategies to accomplish your income goal.

St. Louis Mo. Southwest region of Florida. Downstate Illinois across from St. Louis. Soon in parts of Georgia.

We of course hope you bring us “single family homes” to purchase however we are also interested in large tracts of ground in Florida. Our business plan includes building subdivisions, condominiums, apartment complexes, multi-use projects, or possibly refurbishing older hotels.
No matter what firm you are with, we would like to be your best buyer.