Solo Agent

A Solo Agent may enjoy the flexibility of the hours yet understands the client demands of working some evenings and weekends. In your life, you are often most comfortable doing the job yourself, to get the job done right. You may have an admin assistant, but no agents to support you. Most of the 1,600,000 agents in America are SOLO.

Why You May Qualify

Are you a natural idea person and consider yourself creative? Do you prefer to “do it yourself so it’s done right?”

Would you consider yourself to be a strong negotiator to resolve building inspections, to win when there are multiple contracts when you represent a buyer, and you win when competing for a listing?


Many of the traits of the SOLO agent can be found in the traits of the Micro Navigator. They are the actual building blocks for the NAVIGATOR program.
The most expressed objection expressed by a SOLO agent to leading or joining a team is that there is not enough revenue to go around for themselves, the broker and a “team leader.” From experience with SOLO agents we have discovered that “the model they have in mind” of teams, often is one of a poorly executed team or simply not enough information to say “yes or no’ to the team concept. If indeed you feel you have leadership skills along with problem solving skills we would encourage you to review the Navigator Micro Program as it historically launches SOLO agents into higher earnings and with the added bonus of living a more balanced life. The Agent Wealth Team would love to explore your best options ahead of you.


For the first 2 years of my career I was a SOLO agent. I had been a sales manager for Prudential (now Berkshire) and led an office of 70 SOLO agents. Our program will support you in the development of your skills in all “10 Cycles” that represent your typical real estate transaction. We support your dream if you desire to go the SOLO route.

The strength of all of our programs is in setting expectations for clients, vendors, and other agents. We are “fire preventers” in that our programs anticipate possible crisis moments and help prevent them or equip you when they occur.

Real estate is not as easy as it looks. We provide strategies for lead generation: marketing, prospecting, networking and the training in lead conversion. Lead gen does not matter if lead conversion is not mastered.


Are you at an independent real estate company and feeling a bit abandoned by your manager? You would say that perhaps “I feel like I am on my own.”

Are you feeling stuck at an income level and are receptive to gaining insight into “why you may be stuck?”

Are you at the point in your life that you are ready to shift from part-time to full-time?