Welcome to the EXPIRED Course.

Lesson 1 - Beginning Your Journey

The Expireds will have many agents pursuing them for the listing. I want you to think about your city. Can you be the market leader in listing this type of lead? It will in part depend upon your presentation skills and providing a unique solution no other agent is offering. You will want each EXPIRED to tell their friends about you.

You are entering a lead generation program that is not dominated by any brand. It is more of a free for all.

The most important thing to think about at this time is, “In what way is my messaging different from all of the other KW, eXp, Re/Max, Coldwell Banker ect. agents?” And “Am I a novice at making that presentation or do I need to improve?”

You will of course have a few no answers along the way. But in your mind, you must see a YES.

This is a time in your life to read the book, Your Brain is Always Listening. The author states that we all have ANTs. Automatic Negative Thoughts. And those thoughts are at battle within our minds. In Psychology Today and many publications it is said that 60-80% of our thoughts each day are negative. Imagine what little children go through in their developing years.

It is no wonder most people that enter real estate “feel defeated so quickly.” The reality is that they are “not defeated” but they “feel defeated.” That is the reality of how the mind works. The negative dominates. But you can re-train your brain.

When you hear a “no thank you” from an EXPIRED it is but a lesson in how to get to a YES. And when you hear a NO, make a note of how it makes you feel. That is the feeling that must be defeated. In your mind you must crush the negative thoughts as if they were just “tiny ants.”

Begin each morning reading your affirmations. (See the goal setting program that was part of your purchase.) Right now, your belief may be soaring. You may feel the confidence that you will list every EXPIRED you see. After just a few defeats, you probably will feel a change. That is your brain sending you a message to quit in order to save your energy for the functions of your body. In a strange way it is your own brain telling you to quit.

The Brain

It does everything it can to work wisely and conserve energy for sight, smell, sound, physical mobility, and millions of other things. So when you try something new the brain will send your mind signals to stop. The messages come in a negative form releasing chemicals in your brain that tell you to stop that activity.

That is a natural part of the process. You have to push through the negative to retrain your brain. Have you ever tried to start a new diet but only last a few days. Or begin a physical regimen to work out but again it only lasts a week or two.

It is truly a journey. Ask any Olympian. Ask any athlete. The pain is part of the process. In the goal setting portion of this program you will identify “why this goal in your life” is worth it. Those things you write will actually “rewrite a program in your brain” that will fight for you instead of fighting against you.

Your Goals

Your goals are far more important than the scripts and methods to convert a For Sale By Owner. The scripts mean nothing without you. Those who fail are often those who rushed in, yet had not prepared themselves for the possibility of defeat. Then their “feelings overwhelm them” and quitting is the most reasonable thing to do. And then many of many of them end up blaming the system for their personal failure.

Maturity Continuum

The question to ask as we begin this journey is, “Are you qualified for what is ahead of you?” If you attempt to win the Expired because “you know they will like you” then you are the type of person that attempts to win based on the “personality ethic.”

The “maturity continuum” as discussed by Stephen Covey in The 7 Habits of Effective People states that each of us must come to recognize that we must move from the “personality ethic to the character ethic.” We must move from attempting to win based on “being nice, or attractive, or having things in common with the seller” to an awareness that we are truly adding great value into the lives of those we serve.

Each time a seller tells you NO is but a learning lesson if you reflect it and commit to a better performance next time. Awareness that “you must get better” is the maturity continuum.

The 100 Club

You are at the beginning of your journey. It is our belief that the road to winning your first 100 Expireds is paved through your goal setting program.

You may have simply wanted a fabulous script that you could use to win an expired and all the rest of this is meaningless to you. But if deep down you have clear goals this program will have affected several areas of your life. If you will stop and take some time to decide on the goals that are most important to you, you will protect your dream and perform to your fullest potential.

Fear Based

When an agent tells me that they are mailing the expired postcards or letters, it means one of two things. The agent has listed dozens of expireds over the last year or so, and does not have time to go see the By Owner in person. Yet they still have a goal of year over year market dominance for this type of lead generation.

However, if an agent has not listed any Expired as of yet and they choose primarily to do mailings, their reason for mailings is often out of fear of rejection. The program we have named Born to be Brave created because many agents greatly fear the expired. So much so, they will not pick up the phone, nor pop by their open house for fear of rejection. They say, “Yes I am prospecting” but in truth they are doing marketing.

Check Your Understanding

  • u1. What is the name of the book for you to read to address Automatic Negative Thoughts that enter your mind?

    Your Brain is Always Listening

  • u2. What exercise should you do to each morning to protect your thoughts?

    make a note of how it makes you feel.

  • u3. What are the names of the 3 rivers of lead generation?

    Prospecting, Networking, Marketing