Lesson 4 - One Year From Now

Are you a new agent, or are you a veteran that is hoping to build a listing inventory? Besides building a listing inventory, you may also pursue Expireds to raise yourself up into a new price point. Is your average sale price $300,000 but you want it at $1,000,000. This is your opportunity to triple your average price. With that comes referrals in the future in that higher price point. 

If you are newer in the business, it is a way to get paid while you gain experience. Expireds offer you the opportunity to learn the processes in the business.


The listing interview is delivered in 3 stages. The initial call to the seller, the initial walkthrough and the final interview where you demonstrate your price and marketing. Typically, agents get out the company manual and go to a seller’s house and give a “presentation” about how great the company is and how they as an agent is better than any other.

Expireds are the best training ground to improve your performance. In a way, they have agreed to role play with you that no other Realtor can do. They will provide you with every objection you can think of. They will even make stuff up to get agents to go away. You get to practice the initial call to the seller. You get to practice what to say on your initial walkthrough and build your skills at presenting your price and marketing plan at your final interview. And you will list a large percentage of them. If you mess up on a listing call with a Expired you should at least thank them for role playing and helping you get better.

If you mess up on your initial call you can just call another. The leads are expendable. In some markets the Expireds are never ending. Your friend or broker cannot truly role play like a “real live seller.” Even if you only obtain a third of the listings you pursue.

Lesson Quiz

  • What are the 3 stages involved in the pursuit of each Expired?

    The initial call to the seller, the initial walkthrough and the final interview

  • What is the path to tripling your average commission check?

    Pursue FSBOs to raise yourself up into a new price point

  • How many active listings will you have in your possession one year from now?

    Set your goals!