LESSON 8 - Don’t reach out to the EXPIRED until you have done this!


Most of the MLS systems have the REALIST tax record program. However, not all of them have the same format. Here is what to look for on the record.

  1. Is the billing address for this property the same as the actual address? If not this property could be a rental or possibly was inherited.
  2. Often on the tax record it will indicate if this property was a rental, or if it had recently expired. Remember, if it was recently listed, the questions you ask of them will be different than a EXPIRED that has not been on the market for years.
  3. Does the tax record indicate a recent quitclaim deed? It would indicate a possible recent divorce.
  4. Did the seller just buy the property?

All of these items can be observed on the tax record. The more you know, the better your approach will be. Bring the tax record with you on your field appointment. There are a set of questions you will ask about the tax record.


Check to see if the seller bought this property recently. If indeed it was in the last 1-2 years, this is probably a HAVE TO SELL. See if the property was an expired listing. This seller will have gone through quite a bit of disappointment in the prior year.