Let’s get back to the questions to ask the EXPIRED listing on your first phone call or in person.


I am a representative with Buyers Buy Direct .com where buyers purchase a property directly from the seller or listing agent, they do this to avoid paying a Buyer Agent commission, are you still accepting offers?

Or you can use your own creative first question.


There are two types of questions. “Situational questions and housing questions.” If you ask too many “situational questions” the seller will not believe you are sincere. For example, if you ask “have you purchased another property” the seller may say “what does that have to do with my current house?”

I have heard 100’s of sellers say the agent asked me irrelevant questions that had nothing to do with my property.

In the end, we too want to gain insight as to the seller’s motivation to move, but those questions asked in the wrong order can be seen as offensive.

A friend of mine went on a first date and the guy showed up with a wedding ring. When an agent “goes for it” too soon, the answer is almost always a NO.


Mr. Expired, BuyersBuyDirect.com is a pathway for homebuyers to purchase a listed or unlisted property without having to pay a broker fee.

You have probably been told by some Realtors that buyers now have to sign a COMPENSATION agreement with an agent, must like sellers sign a listing agreement.

I am reaching out to OFF MARKET expired homeowners to ask, are you still taking offers on your property? And if I could ask you, while you were listed, what did your agent share with you regarding the amount of “unrepresented buyers” that were looking at your property?


I am looking at your OLD MLS RECORD, could I ask you this, regarding the age of the major systems, were the roof, furnace, air conditioner, (or other major items) replaced in the last 2-3 years?

(Look at the MLS property age and or agent marketing remarks in case those items are listed there.)


In the last 2 weeks or so, were there 2-3 showings per week, or more like 5 to 7?


Based on your _________ days on market, did the _________________ (state the other agent’s firm) give 2-3 reasons as to why the property did not sell (or get offers)?


Interesting. Was most of the buyers viewing the property “local turtles” or more like “relocation rabbits?”

Rabbits are the buyers with the greatest urgency. Did you see mostly relo or local buyers?


Hmmm … while you were on the market, based on the Velocity Report I am viewing in this area, about _______ (state the number of properties) properties went under contract or sold, what is possibly your personal insight or perspective as to why the property did not sell?


I am the local representative with a concept called Buyers Buy Direct .com. Basically it is for buyers that refuse to pay 2-3% commission to buy a house. Some don’t have the money to pay a commission, some just won’t do it.

If you are still taking offers on your property this week, could I view it in person this afternoon, or possibly this evening? In the Buyers Buy Direct, we want to confirm if the asking price is right based on market conditions. Could I view the home at either of those times, and I would explain how Buyers Buy Direct works?


Can I ask the ballpark on the age of the air conditioner and furnace? The roof?


Could I ask you this regarding a timetable…

Do you have an ideal deadline you are trying to

achieve based on buying another property or if you are relocating?

(Remember the objective. It is to determine if this appointment is a go or no go. It is not to get

the listing.)


Oh, and I wanted to ask you a question about your prior asking price. I’m not saying the price is

too high as I have not seen the property. However, was it two or three agents that helped

establish the prior asking price or was it Zillow or realtor.com? Or sometimes it was a recent

refinance appraisal.

QUESTION – per their Velocity report

Right now, there are ___ active Properties for Sale near your property and ___ additional under contract with most properties’ about ______days on market. Most properties that sell close in about 30 days, do you have an ideal perfect move date?


Oh, one last thing I’d like to email you my contact information, so you know who I am and

just a brief recap of what we talked about. Is there a best email I can send you that